Success Secret: Do The Opposite Of What Everyone Is Doing

One of the most important quotes I’ve ever heard in my life is this:

“Look at what the majority of people are doing, and do the exact opposite, and you’ll probably never go wrong for as long as you live”.

This quote is from Earl Nightingale, and it has changed my life.

It totally makes sense too, check out the numbers…

Majority of the people in the US are in debt, and less than 5% are actually financially free. And less that 1% makes over a million dollars.

Another interesting statistics: 95% of businesses fail within the first 5 years.

This doesn’t only apply to business, but it works for all other areas of life, whether it’s health, wealth, or relationships, you’ll learn that the majority is ALWAYS wrong.

How You Can Use This Information To Succeed Online:

Whenever you are doing anything in your business, make sure to do the opposite of what everyone is doing. You’ll stand out of the crowd more, and get noticed.

For example:

Let’s look into forum marketing. Most people just like posting 2-3 words, short sentences that provide zero or no value at all. When you look at the most successful people in the forums, they always post helpful cool stuff.

Another example would be Article Marketing. Most people that write article try to leave out the ‘good stuff’. They reason out that ‘If I give most of the good stuff away, then people won’t buy from me’.

But that really doesn’t work that well anymore. Check out the successful people that write articles, you’ll learn something new and useful every single time. You can check out some very smart marketers that do this:

Rich Schefren’s Blog
Michel Fortin’s Blog

Just by doing the opposite of what the herd is doing, you’ll succeed.


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