Oliver Talamayan’s Timeline

  • 2004- “The Spark”

    • Lived with my parents.
    • Struggled financially and emotionally. Hit rock bottom, and figured out there had to be another way.
    • Became interested in personal development.

  • 2005- “Finding Inspiration”

    • Met my future wife, who encouraged me to become an entrepreneur, and believed in me more than anybody else.
    • Wrote and sold my first eBook.
    • Made enough money to move out of the house, and started making money online full-time.

  • 2006- “Working 1-on-1”

    • Got an email from one of my book readers asking for 1-on-1 help from me.
    • Started working with clients on a 1-on-1 basis.
    • Felt the excitement, thrill, and satisfaction from seeing people succeed.
    • Became passionate about learning how to get people results faster.

  • 2007- “From 1-on-1 to Group Workshops”

    • Started to experience overwhelm, frustration, and burnout from spending too much 1-on-1 time with clients.
    • Discovered the power of small weekend workshops with 3-5 people.
    • Drastically cut back on 1-on-1 coaching, and started charging $1,497-$3,500 per person for small workshops.

  • 2008- “Making Money with Done For You Services”

    • Got an email from one of my clients who needed help with their website and their marketing.
    • Realized that there was a huge need for ‘outsourcing & done for you’ services, so I started providing that service to existing clients.
    • Discovered the power of Social Media Marketing and free traffic.

  • 2009 – “$100k Pay Days”

    • Invited to speak in front of 300+ business owners in Lake Tahoe. Sold over $100k worth of products and services on stage in less than 30 minutes.
    • Grew my virtual team from 3 people to 200+ team members worldwide in 4 months, in order to support the growth of the outsourcing business.
    • Started my first ‘mastermind’ group, and had people paying $1,000 a month.
    • Started to experience the power, and the benefit of having multiple streams of income in my business.

  • 2010 – “My First Low-Ticket Product Launch”

    • Entered into a new industry, and launch my first product teaching people how to start their own internet businesses.
    • Generated over 6,100 customers in 7 days by creating automated prospecting and marketing systems.
    • Mastered the science of ‘mass internet marketing’

  • 2011- “My Son and Mass Group Coaching”

    • My wife gave birth to my son Braydon, and my entire life changed overnight. All of a sudden, I was more fired up, and determined to provide the best life I could for my family.
    • Launched my second ‘low ticket’ product which generated over $700,000 in gross sales in just 4 days.
    • Started feeling frustration because I started attracting lower quality customers who didn’t take action, and just jumped from buying one product to another.
    • Started feeling a ‘disconnect’ with my purpose work, so decided to start doing mass group coaching for premium prices, in an effort to attract a ‘better quality’ client.
    • Launched online ‘group coaching’ program via webinar, and attracted 800 clients who paid $1,000 each.

  • 2012 – “Testing & Replicating The System”

    • Share my ‘high ticket group coaching’ formula with a friend, and it took his business from $7,000 to $300,000 in 90 days.
    • Called 100 of my best clients who spent $1,000 on group coaching. I did a ‘survey’ on the phone and discovered that a small number of them spent anywhere from $30,000-$70,000 in a 3-5 year period. Also discovered that most of them still struggled after spending that much money.
    • Realized that there was a small portion of the market place that was prepared to spend money, and they weren’t being served properly.
    • Started selling programs and services from $2,500-$25,000.

  • 2013 – “Building the Perfect Business”

    • Started getting more leads than I could handle by myself, and this quickly led to me feeling more overwhelmed.
    • Focused on leveraging my time, and working smarter. I wanted to focus majority of my time interacting with clients, so I started hiring sales people to do the ‘strategy sessions’ for me.
    • Found myself doing a lot of the ‘day-to-day’ admin work, so hired a right-hand person to do all of that for me, and started putting more systems in place.
    • Got my business to run smoothly with minimal effort on my part.
    • Experienced FREEDOM.

  • 2014- “Ultimate High Ticket”

    • Discovered that most ‘high ticket’ clients were attracted to me because of the authenticity, and the ‘celebrity’ feel I had in my marketing.
    • Started focusing more on branding, and on creating a ‘Celebrity Presence’ online.
    • Quickly became the highest paid person in my industry, and started attracting what I call ‘Ultimate High Ticket’ clients who happily paid me $50,000-$100,000 for my services.

  • 2015 – “Fulfilling My Purpose”

    • Did some ‘soul searching’ and realized that I was put on this earth to help influence, and transform the lives of as many people possible.
    • Realized the fastest way to help people, and transform the world, was to help coaches, consultants, service providers, or anyone in the ‘transformation’ business get their message out there.
    • Also realized thatIf I help one person, that’s just one person… If I help a coach or a consultant, they can help countless people.
    • Launched my new mission of helping 1 million coaches, consultants, and service providers, attract more clients, and make more money so they can have the resources they need to get their message out there and SERVE their clients on a deeper level, than ever before.

My Mission, My Values, and Your Success…

My Vision

“When we coach someone, we impact their lives, and the lives of everyone around them, and everyone they will meet. We are a force for good. We create ripple effects of transformation of consciousness that result in more freedom, more success, more happiness, and more fulfillment in the world. We shine so that others may discover their light, and shine. We grow so that others may see our example, and grow. We lead so that others are inspired to step up. We share our gifts so that others may discover theirs, and share it with the world.”

We Are Not JUST Coaches, We Are Much More…

  • We are Leaders.

    We confidently lead our clients to victory, and help them turn their dreams, and goals into a reality.

  • We Are Warriors.

    We have the ability to coach our clients through their objections, and mental blocks, and help them DESTROY their excuses and obstacles so they can get the results they’ve always wanted.

  • We Are Protectors.

    We CARE for our clients, and we are deeply invested in their success no matter what. We do our best to protect them from failure and mistakes at all cost.

  • We Are Motivators

    We are excited about our client’s future, and we always remind them WHY they are doing this in the first place, as FUEL for their momentum.

  • We Are Light Workers.

    We inspire, help, and shift their consciousness by sharing with them the lessons we’ve learned, and the information they need to take their lives to the ‘next level’.

  • We Are Paradigm Shifters

    We create the space for others to grow with our guidance, presence, and help. We hold our clients accountable at all times.

  • We Are Gift Givers

    We possess the skills to solve our client’s biggest problems, challenges, and frustrations. We make their lives better, and we always leave our clients better off than when we found them.

  • We Are Shapers of Destiny

    We make a PROFOUND impact, and change the lives of the people we meet on a daily basis. We are the catalyst that our client’s need to experience ultimate success, and freedom.

  • We Are Communicators

    We demonstrate absolute certainty and confidence in all our communications, and marketing.

  • We Are Healers

    We spend most of our time alleviate our client’s pain, stress, suffering, and problems, so they may experience life at a ‘higher level’.

Coaches is what we’re called… but changing the world is what we do.