The Most Powerful Strategy, (And Technique), For Attracting Endless Clients To You

As a coach, consultant, or service provider, there’s probably two things you want more than anything else.

More clients, and more cash for your business.

But as you may have come to realize, that’s easier said then done.

Attracting new clients isn’t as simple and easy as it used to be…

New businesses are born daily, and the competition is getting tougher and tougher by the second.

The cost to acquire a new client is getting more and more expensive…and the traditional forms of advertising are getting less and less effective.

Prospects are getting bombarded with advertising by your competitors every single day… giving them more options than ever before.

So unless you figure out a way to STAND OUT from your competitors and be different, you’ll drown in the crowd of competition and ultimately be IGNORED by the very prospects you are trying to reach.

While most businesses continue to lose money and struggle in this environment… there is a way for you to actually prosper…

It’s simple, but first you should know…

There are 3 ways you can position yourself in your industry… Choose the right one and you’ll never worry about leads and clients again… Choose the wrong one, and you’ll always struggle…

Right now, you can be in one of three positions…

You can be a generalist, an authority, or a celebrity authority.

  • Generalist means you are good at several different activities in your industry, and your clients can come to you for general advice.
  • Authority means you’re an expert in your field, and you usually have mastered ONE area that can make a difference in your client’s life, and you are sought after by more people.
  • Celebrity Authority means you’re FAMOUS in your industry, and because of that, you are typically perceived as the best and highest priced option in your marketplace, and people are lining up to do business with you.

Can you guess which one you need to position yourself as?

Who do you think is the most in-demand, can charge the HIGHEST PRICES, and never runs out of clients?

Let me give you an example.

If someone is sick, they normally go to a ‘general’ doctor.

If someone has a heart problem, they go see a heart doctor, who happens to be an ‘authority’ in that area.

If someone has a super serious heart problem, and they want to be CERTAIN that they will get the best help, and they have the money for it, there’s a good chance they will seek out a celebrity authority.

Bottom line: Celebrity Authorities easily attract the best kinds of clients, and they never run out of business, ever.

The solution? Become a celebrity specialist in your industry…

When you become a celebrity authority, (no matter how tiny your market is), you have an automatic advantage every single time…

  • You don’t have to compete on price ever again.
  • You don’t have to chase clients, clients come to you.
  • You don’t have to compete for attention, your clients will immediately trust and respect you instead of your competitors.
  • You get more referrals without even trying.
  • Your demand will increase overnight. Demand for your time. Demand for your services. Demand for your expertise. Demand for YOU.
  • You can immediately charge more than your competitors, and raise your prices easily.
  • And much more…

What’s the FASTEST and EASIEST way to become a celebrity authority in your Market? (There are 12 Techniques I use… but my favorite one is this…)

Become a ‘best selling’ author, (don’t worry, you can do it without writing the book yourself, or waiting for YEARS to make it happen…)

Becoming a ‘best-selling’ author can change your entire business in a blink of an eye.

Let’s look at real world examples…

Robert Kiyosaki became an instant celebrity because of his best selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. As a result, he became the industry leader in the ‘Personal Finance’ marketplace.

Anthony Robbins became an instant celebrity because of his best selling books “Awake the Giant Within” and “Unlimited Power”. As a result, he became the industry leader in the ‘Motivation and Personal Development’ marketplace.

John Maxwell became an instant celebrity because of his best selling books“Developing the Leader Within You” and “ The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. As a result, he became the industry leader in the ‘Leadership and Marketing’ marketplace.

Jillian Michaels became an instant celebrity because of her best selling book “The Biggest Loser Fitness Program”. As a result, she became the industry leader in the ‘Fitness’ marketplace.

Can you see the pattern here? Best selling author equals massive business success.

Can you IMAGINE how fast your business will grow, and how quickly people will respect, admire, and want to do business with you with just this ONE STRATEGY?

If you enjoyed this strategy, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here Are 11 Other Techniques You Must Implement to Become a Celebrity Authority in Your Industry…

Again, if you are satisfied with your current level of income, then this might not apply to you.

These techniques are ONLY for people who want to charge premium prices, and attract ‘ideal clients’.

I could spend days going over these techniques in detail, but I’ll just give you a quick overview here so you at least know what they are.

  • Celebrity Website – It’s designed to position you as a celebrity authority in your marketplace. You need it if you want to stand out from everyone else in your industry.
  • Authority Slogan – What are you known for? What do you specialize in? It should constantly be reinforced in ALL your marketing efforts.
  • 3rd Party Media Reinforcement – It helps your credibility to be featured on news authority sites such as NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC.
  • Client Testimonial – You must have PROOF in your site. No one can promote you better than your satisfied clients.
  • Video Quality – Believe it or not, in our experiments, the quality of your videos can really impact the kind of clients you attract.
  • The Authority Story – Every celebrity authority has a story. It helps your clients learn more about you. If they know, like, and trust you, then they would be more likely to do business with you. If you haven’t read my story yet, read it here.
  • The Authority Solution – What is the solution you have that can solve your client’s biggest problem? It also helps if you give that solution a name.
  • The Authority’s Big 3 – What are the 3 biggest reasons why people should work with you? What are the 3 biggest benefits you deliver to them? Again, figure it out, and it should be part of every marketing piece you put out there.  
  • Authority Selling Congruency – The entire selling process is different once you’re a celebrity authority. The normal ‘rules’ just don’t apply to you anymore. There’s a specific 6 step process for doing this, and you’ll learn more about it in my programs.
  • Authority Certainty & Confidence – Your clients will buy from you, if they feel certain and confident that you have what it takes to solve their problem better than anyone else can. Again, this strategy is inserted strategically in everything you do. In fact, it’s one of the most important things you could ever do in your business.
  • Authority Mentality – Take it or Leave it. That’s the mentality of a celebrity authority. Quite frankly, there’s only one of YOU  and a million of your clients. So be picky with who you work with, and don’t be afraid to communicate that you’re picky.

All of these, we can implement for you. In fact, we offer these ‘done for you’ services to our elite clients.

If you want to learn how to work with me, or how we can do all of these 12 techniques for you then… Copyright 2015