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We did $1.5 million in sales in one month…

“I can’t say enough good things about Oliver!He single handedly added SERIOUS dollars to our bottom line for Mobile Monopoly. We did $1.5 million in sales in one month on a $77 product and a lot of that was thanks to Oliver! If you have the opportunity to work with him do it… you won’t regret it!”[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author=”Huey Lee, Black Box Media LLC” + pic=”http://olivertalamayan.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Huey-Lee_166295.jpg”]

“Oliver Is One Of Our Greatest Resources”

“If you do business with Oliver, you can rest assured you’ll be given the highest degree of professional integrity and courtesy without fail. To work with Oliver is to know that you’ve got a genuine partner who upholds the highest standards with your best interests in mind first. It’s no wonder our business has grown tremendously over the last couple of months as a result of the connection we made with Oliver. Oliver is one of our greatest resources that we plan on doing business with for a long time to come!” [/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author=”Roy Oron, CPA37.com” + pic=”http://olivertalamayan.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/RoyOronMaayanMarzan.jpg”]

“He’ll Be The Most Profitable Connection You’ll Ever Make”

“Shortly after I met Oliver, we ended up doing an additional $74k in sales per week. Since then, Oliver has added a lot of profit to my bottom line. If you want to grow your business at lightning speed, Oliver is your guy. It will be a smart move to work with him because he’ll be the most profitable connection you’ll ever make.” [/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author=”Adam Short, Niche Profit Classroom” + pic=”http://olivertalamayan.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/adam-150×150.jpg”]

“Oliver Has A High Level of Integrity and Honor”

“What can you say about Oliver, other than he is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I first met Oliver about a year ago and have since met up with him several times in person for our mastermind meetings, and he always amazes me. He has not only introduced me to some of the leading names in the Internet marketing niche, but has also helped me increase both sales and retention of my membership site, NicheProfitClassroom.com. He is a great guy to know, and shares the same values as I do. Oliver has a high level of integrity and honor. If you are looking for a way around a hurdle, then Oliver is your man. If you don’t know him, then get to know him.” [/testimonial2] [headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#990000″]“Hi my name is Oliver Talamayan, and if you’re looking to rapidly grow your business, and take it to the ‘next level’, then I might be your guy…”[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

ollitesuitIf you’re reading this, then chances are you already own a successful business (or you work for someone who does)… Either way, it’s nice to virtually meet you.

In the last 10 years, I’ve been helping companies shift into ‘hyper growth’ mode, and become industry leaders in their field. I’ve helped companies achieve this ‘hyper growth’ state by spearheading profit-generating initiatives such as:

  • Rapidly expanding product lines
  • Creating new profit centers and front-end products
  • Optimizing existing marketing systems
  • Installing scalable marketing systems
  • Recruiting ‘A Players’ to grow and manage profit centers and divisions
  • Launching ‘high ticket’ back-end  product lines
  • Copywriting strategy, implementation, and optimization
  • Transforming divisions from ‘under-performing’ to profitable
  • Testing and scaling new traffic sources for customer acquisition
  • Customer engagement to increase customer lifetime value
  • And much more…

Whether your business makes $10 million, and you’re looking to take it to $50 million… Or whether your business makes $500 million and you’re looking to take it to $1 billion and beyond, I can help get you there FASTER. [headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#990000″]“Here are just a few case studies that will give you an idea of what’s possible for your business”[/headline_arial_medium_centered] [features_box_paper_white width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

CASE STUDY # 1: From ‘$7,055/Mo to $371,075/Mo By Implementing The Complete Funnel Makeover


Problem: An internet software company I was working with was having trouble staying profitable with a new software product they  just launched. It was a high-end marketing software that was designed to help website owners rank higher in the search engines. They were making sales but the profit margins weren’t large enough for them to go ‘full force’.

They were promoting their software through the typical 7-day webinar launch sequence, where they sent people to a registration page for a webinar, sent reminders leading up to the webinar, sold the product via webinar, and then sent the webinar replay after. I discovered that majority of the traffic was being wasted, the visitors were not even seeing the offer. They had a 28% registration rate to the webinar, and only 20% of people who registered showed up. After doing the math, only 5.6% of the visitors actually saw the ‘pitch’.

Solution: I re-did their sales presentation to make it more appealing and to ensure that it was designed to get people to buy now instead of procrastinating. I also revised the entire funnel for this product.

Results: We increased the number of people that saw the pitch from 5.6% to 30%. The company started making $2 for every $1 spent, and they were able to quickly scale from $7,055.78 in January to $317,075.30 in March.

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CASE STUDY # 2: We Doubled Sales Every Month for 3 Months With the ‘No Front End’ Experiment

Problem: A business consulting, and marketing company I was working with was stuck, and just wasn’t growing. They were offering personal ‘1-on-1’ coaching, website design, and marketing services to small businesses. They were following a typical customer acquisition model of selling a product online for $49, and then having their sales people call the customers to sell them high-end products.

The problem with this approach was that EVERYONE was following the exact system so the customers knew the sales process… worse, they were prepared for it. The customers knew what was going to happen, before it even happened… which made the entire approach less effective.

Solution: I used a two-pronged approach for this scenario. First, I looked into the sales talent they had and realized that they didn’t have top-notch people in place. I then implemented my ‘top closers only’ recruiting system, and found 2 people within a week, that had a track record of making 6 figures a year, and were the top 5% in every single organization they’ve worked in.

Second, I removed the front end completely. I replaced it with 3 videos that were designed to educate the prospect, build the need and value for the service, and then build trust rapidly. I wrote the script for the video series. It was designed to attract the ideal ‘high end’ client, while repelling everyone else. At the end of the series, they had a chance to apply to the program.

After they applied, they were redirected to a page that said something along the lines of ‘Want to Skip Ahead of the Line, and Become a VIP? Just Call Our Number Below, Leave Us A Voice Message of Why You’d Be Perfect to Work With Us, and We’ll Get Back To You within 24-48 Hours’ This acted as our ‘double- opt-in’, and I figured out that it would separate the serious people from the tire kickers.

Results: The company doubled it’s revenue every month for 3 months. It went from making $42,497.00 in September to $221,883.00 by November. The leads weren’t wasted as only top-notch sales people were calling them back. We also discovered that 90% of the customers came from the list of people who called the phone number, and left a voice message. Armed with that intel, we were able to prioritize who to call back first.

Big Breakthroughs:

1. Changing the approach, and removing the ‘front end’ kept things new and fresh, and the market place responded to it extremely well.

2. Optimizing the human capital in this business was crucial. It ensured that every lead was fully worked on, and had the best chance of turning into a sale.

3. Adding the extra action of calling a phone number after applying, really separated the serious applicant from the tire-kickers. This proved to be one of the biggest breakthroughs we had.

4. The prospects had to fill out an application form to apply to the program. Part of the application process asked them, multiple choice style, how much capital they have set aside to invest in their business ($0-$500, $500-$1,000, $1,000-$2,500, $2,500-$5,000, and $10,000+).


I discovered that ALL of the $10,000 customers came from people who had a budget of $2,500-$10,000, and the ones that had a budget of $100-$2,500 were the toughest ones to sell. So I had my programming team come up with an online technology that routed prospects to different pages depending on their budget. Prospects on a limited budget were offered a program for $297, and this is how we were able to monetize on the leads that couldn’t afford the high ticket services that were offered.

5. After all the improvements were implemented, I launched a survey initiative. We surveyed all the buyers via phone, and collected 18 pieces of useful information. This helped us in building the customer profile. After collecting the information, I re-did the sales presentation again, and focused on matching the presentation with our new customer profile. We also honed in on our online ads, and targeted it specifically to our ideal customers.

Here’s what we learned about our ideal customer:

  • Our ideal customers initially spend $10,000 up front and end up spending $30,000 with us during the first 60 days.
  • They were between the ages of 45-68 years old.
  • They woke up early, around 6am in the morning.
  • They drank some sort of caffeine.
  • They listened to either jazz, classical, or rock music.
  • They checked their emails 3-5 times per day.
  • They had some sort of business background (married to an entrepreneur, owned a business before, or grew up around someone entrepreneurial)
  • They enjoyed doing work around the house (gardening, or building stuff)
  • And much more…

This data helped us personalize our marketing efforts, and ended up having a huge impact on the company’s bottom line.

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CASE STUDY # 3: Sold 15,000 Copies in 3 Months with the ‘No List, No Budget, No Name’ Experiment


Problem: This case study covers one of my personal businesses. In 2010, I wanted to build a business that generated 7 figures online in it’s first year. I was intrigued by the Clickbank scene, and wanted to launch a business that provided marketing advice and solutions to internet entrepreneurs globally. The problem was I had zero contacts, no marketing budget, and was virtually unknown.

This community was a tight-knit one, and you had to be an ‘insider’ to get promoted, and have a successful launch.

Solution: I launched a ‘relationship – building’ campaign to generate good will among all the ‘big players’ in the industry.

STEP 1:  I conducted an  interview with 5 big players in the industry. I told them that I was planning on launching something big, and I needed experts to promote in my ‘interview series’. I told them it would mean a lot of publicity for their business.

STEP 2: The purpose of the interview was to get my foot in the door, and create the perfect context for immediately working with someone. I’ve learned early on that the fastest way to build trust with someone was to create something with them. Before the interview, I made it a point to gather as much information as I could about their business. I asked them how long they’ve been in business, what their goals were, how big their customer database was, and what products they had that other people could promote. The call was strategically centered around them.

STEP 3:After the interview was done, I sent them a gift in the mail. One guy loved to play baseball, so I sent him a plastic ‘play set’ with a note that said “I hope you hit a home run in your next product launch.”

STEP 4:After I had 5 interviews under my belt, I implemented another ‘good will’ strategy. I introduced the 5 people to each other, and in the email I talked about the strengths and products of each individual. The goal of the email was to get both parties to do a ‘cross promotion’ so they could both make money from the experience. Also, I didn’t charge for doing this, I did it for FREE to build a relationship.

STEP 5:I knew that the best way to get to know someone is to be introduced to them by someone they know, like, and trust. That was the ideal scenario. It doesn’t always happen that way, but when it happens, it’s really powerful. So after I introduced the 5 people to each other, I asked them individually: “Hey, can you introduce me to your circle of partners that have the same core values as you, and pretty successful too? I want to expand my network, and interview more people”.

After they agreed, I would send them what I called an ‘Intro email’ that they can just copy, paste, and send to their partners.

This was the sample email that I had them use:



STEP 6: I repeated this process for 2 months until I had over 150+ people in my network. Each one, I’ve introduced to at least 10 new people. So, needless to say, they were very happy with meeting me.

STEP 7: Moment of truth. I decided to launch my first digital product on Clickbank. Normally, people send out mass emails to everyone asking for their support. It was too ‘unpersonalized’ in my opinion. Instead, I picked up the phone, called everyone up and asked them for a verbal commitment. I was very specific. I asked them to pull their calendars out, and asked them how many days they could promote the product, and exactly what days they would do that.

Results: Over 1 million FREE clicks, 15,000 copies of the product sold, and over $700,000 generate in a span of 2 weeks (50% was paid to the affiliate, and the other 50% is what you see on our screenshot above). This business ended up generating $1.7 million in the first 12 months… and I started it without a marketing budget (well except for the gifts I guess…), without any assets in that industry, and without a name.

Big Breakthroughs:

1. The ‘go first’ principle, and the ‘3 favors’ strategy really helped. The industry was known for ‘You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ mentality. So when I came in with the good will approach, it was unexpected, and people responded to it extremely well.

2. Focus on relationships, and giving the other person the ‘better end of the stick’ first went a long way.

3. Getting verbal commitment on the phone was key. This solidified the deal. After the conversation, I sent them a follow-up email with the key points of our conversation, and I also reminded them 1 week before the launch date, and also 24 hours before the launch date.

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CASE STUDY # 4:  From $10,000 per month to $100,000 per week with the ‘Rolls Royce’ Experiment


Problem: A newly established advertising agency was having a hard time growing. This company specialized in selling advertising to distributors of just one network marketing company.The marketplace it was serving seemed to have a limited number customers that spent an average of $1,000 per transaction. After studying the industry, I realized that the marketplace for their services was definitely small, and the only way to make more money was to charge higher prices or start selling the advertising in bulk.

Solution: The company was targeting the wrong segment, so I decided to change things up a bit. I launched a campaign geared towards the top distributors in the company (only those who made 7 figures a year or more). I figured out that they would have the budget to spend, and they had the monstrous organization that they could re-sell the advertising to as well.

I trained the sales people on how to prospect, and sell high ticket services over the internet. We ended up launching a direct mail, Linkedin, and Facebook campaign to get ahold of all the top earners in this company. Instead of selling them $1,000 packages, we offered several packages ranging from $10,000 all the way to $250,000. I modeled this approach from the automotive industry. I figured some people want to buy a Toyota, and some want to buy a Rolls Royce. There’s a market for both.

Results: Within a month we landed a client that spent anywhere from $80,000-$100,000 per week in advertising.

Big Breakthroughs:

1. Focusing on affluent, high-ticket buyers vs. low ticket buyers made all the difference

2. Selling in bulk was the difference between a $10,000 per month business and a $100,000 per week business.


[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#990000″]“Bottom Line: Growing businesses is not just something I do for a living…It’s who I am…”[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

I eat, sleep, breathe business growth…

I think about it when I wake up in the morning, and dream about it when my head hits the pillow at night…

It’s my unique ability…

My deepest passion…

The one thing I do best…

My one super power, if you will…

On the flip side…

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#990000″]“FULL DISCLOSURE: Here are my biggest flaws, and some of the methods to my madness…”[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

1.) The following are NOT my areas of expertise: customer service, accounting, operations, or anything that’s repetitive, and boring… but I am extremely grateful to the ‘rock stars’ that I delegate these tasks to.   It FREES up my time so I can focus the majority of my energy on the activities I excel in… and love doing.

2.) I’m pretty impatient, and I hate when things are slow…   My mind works at 100 miles a minute so I think fast, and work fast… I’m all about SPEED, and sometimes it comes back to bite me later (but the pros always outweigh the cons so I’m fine with it).   I might have an idea one day, and within 24 hours it will be ready to launch even if the product is not yet available. I’m addicted to turning ideas into money fast… If the idea comes up, I want to quickly know if it’s going to work or not.   The faster I can test an idea or theory, the better.

3.) I’m unconventional, a ‘rebel’ by nature… and don’t like following the rules… I intend to break them (legally, of course ).

One of my all-time favorite quotes is by Earl Nightingale:   “Whatever the majority of people aredoing, under any given circumstances, if you do the exact opposite, you will probably never make another mistake as long as you live.”

  • I don’t do comprehensive marketing plans. My marketing strategy usually is one page, or sometimes it even ends up in a napkin or a torn up piece of yellow pad paper. It’s not permanent, and can change day-to-day to adapt to what’s going on in the industry.
  • I don’t wait for all the stars to align. I believe in just doing it now, and getting all the failures out-of-the-way and early on. I’ve learned that hunches are just hunches; the best way to learn is from getting market feedback… and the best way to do that is to just get it out there as fast as possible.
  • I’m not a big fan of ‘structured’ time management models and the standard to-do list. It might work for other people, but I know myself well enough, and I know what works for me. I thrive on freedom, independence, and deadlines. I’m competitive by nature and am driven by the pursuit of breaking barriers, glass ceilings, and records in industries. I work when I’m ‘in the zone’. Whether that’s for 1 hour or for 6 hours straight, and relax when that ‘creative state’ starts to fade away, at the end of the day, I’m all about the bottom line results.
  • I don’t believe in jumping through traditional ‘hoops’ of business growth. I don’t believe in ‘growth restrictions’ and being realistic. I thrive on pushing the envelope as far as I can in every new venture I get involved it. I believe from experience, that a new idea can go from zero to $1 million a month fast… or $10 million a month fast… It doesn’t have to take years to do that. It can be done in months, or weeks. I’m not afraid of growth, I embrace it.

4.) I like chaos and pressure…   It’s the method to my madness. I don’t get complacent. I’m not much of a ‘We’ve arrived… We’re finally here’ kind of guy.

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#990000″]”I have a hunger for success that I cannot satisfy. If I hit a goal I set, I might celebrate it temporarily, then my mind immediately shifts to “How can I do it bigger, better, and faster the next time?”[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

5.) I have unrealistic ‘growth’ expectations of myself….   I’ve been a self-improvement junkie for the last 10 years. I’m learning all the time. When I’m driving I’m listening to audio books on: business, marketing, sales, marriage, parenting, spirituality, time management, etc. I rotate through 5 programs at any given time.


I believe deeply in what Albert Einstein said:   “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

I’m constantly focused on improving my mindset… learning new paradigms… adopting new belief systems.

So when I’m not listening to my audio books, I’m networking and surrounding myself with people who are light years ahead of me. For example, when I was learning traffic generation in the past, I made it a point to make friends and surround myself with people spending $1-$2 million a month in marketing. That to me is the best education as I grow through immersion, and learn not only the techniques, but the key mindsets, behaviors, and habits that’s required to operate on that level.

My biggest lesson I’ve learned is this… Whenever I’m stuck, or  faced with a challenge or obstacle, I don’t think of solutions right away. I ask myself “Who do I need to be?” or “Who do I need to hire or recruit?”… One or the other, and so far, It’s paid off big time.

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#990000″]’My core values that drive everything I do in business, and in my personal life…'[/headline_arial_medium_centered]


[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#990000″]Now, I’m looking to align myself with a world-class  8 or 9 figure company that has ‘best in class’ products or services… and play a HUGE role in rapidly taking that company to the ‘next level'[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

  1. You must be making a minimum of $10 million a year already. (This is NOT for newbies)
  2. You must have a steady flow of leads and customers.
  3. You must have good products or services that provide massive value to the marketplace.
  4. You must be open to rapid business growth, and the necessary steps required to achieve it,
  5. You must have the infrastructure in place to support massive growth in your business

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#990000″]”What to expect if we work together…”[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

  1. No B.S. & 100 % Transparency – With me, what you see is what you get. I only with people who are 100% upfront, transparent, and genuine.
  2. Integrity – It’s simple. If I say I do something, I do it, and I expect the same courtesy.
  3. No Gossip & No Politics – You must have respect for other people. If you’re the type that loves to gossip, and talk about people in a negative fashion behind their backs, then it’s just not going to work out.

If the things I’ve shared here so far resonate with you, and you feel like we’re on the same page, then let’s talk.

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Send me an email: olivertalamayanpersonal@gmail.com


Call me: 775-737-1135